Pomodoro Clock - Finished

Pomodoro Clock

Here is my finished Pomodoro clock. How does it look?

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Looks good. Congrats!

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Wow I love that UI! Its gorgeous. And no bugs that I noticed. :tada:

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hey there buddy Great work there, could you help me with my clock project, i used react and i have been stuck on it for over a week. here’s the codepen link https://codepen.io/iamrc1/pen/NLLMBY/?editors=0010

I looked over your code, and I noticed two things:

The functional components at the top should have a single argument called “props”, and each prop should be referenced in the function as props.someVariable. So, for example, in the first component, “type” would become “props.type” and “value” would become “props.value.”

There are two versions of handlePlayPause(), and the first one is missing a closing brace.

Hopefully that helps!