Pomodoro Clock, Looking for Feedback :)

Hey guys,

My pomodoro clock is hosted on heroku, you can check it out here.

And the code is on github and you can find out here.

If you have any feedback I would appreciate it.


Hi there,

It wasn’t easily apparent how to get it started as my first click of the clock didn’t start it for some reason, so maybe a button or an icon on the clock to guide

Also, i’m not so sure having quotes on a productivity app is a good idea, I immediately started procrastinating!

I like the work time short cuts and everything seems to work for me so good job :slight_smile:



nice, clean and functional. Good work with the notifications as well!

I personally like the quotes, but I can also see they may distract some people. Maybe it would be good as well to put them at the end of the pomodoro or during the breaks or in the notifications as well :wink:

Good point, the quotes can be a distraction. Maybe I’ll display them during the break instead.
Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try adding an icon to make starting the clock more obvious.

And I’m going to move the quotes to the break, if it’s making your procrastinate then it’s not doing it’s job! lol


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