Pomodoro Clock - Mind boggled

So I’ve been trying to figure out a way to implement MomentJS & CountdownJS into my Pomodoro Clock project. I just wanted to see if I had the ability to do so and while I’ve made considerable progress I am still having trouble with two things.

1.) My timer will continue even after reaching 0:00 seconds and thanks to Countdown.js will start to count upward in time. :roll_eyes: I have tried parsing to seconds & milliseconds but no avail.
2.) My reset button function --> window.clearInterval(timeoutID) does not reset the way it’s supposed to and get locks up because the my startTimer function is still running.

I’ve tried researching and looking at implementations of setInterval() and clearInterval() and I think I’m overlooking or not seeing something. Can anyone push me in the right direction. I sort of pushed this off after being frustrated with it for so long but I really want to complete my Front End Development Certificate.


Hey asg5704,
the link to your CodePen project does not work, so without seeing any code it is kind of hard to know what/where the problem is.
Edit the link so we can see your project and try to help you solve the issue.

@TomerPacific, I couldn’t get any help from anyone so I scrapped it and started from scratch again. I completed it and it’s working now… Now onto the Tic-tac-toe Game Logic. Thanks again.