Pomodoro Clock Project Feedback, only tough comments are welcomed=]

Appreciate all feedbacks!

I have a few tough questions/comments:

  1. Should break time be allowed to be 0 minutes?
  2. It would be nice to have work time be 1 minute if desired.
  3. When I tested the clock, when the timer got to 0 the first time (when break should start), the time displays two negative ones (-1 see below) for a moment and then showed the correct time for break.


However, it never displays a message to indicate whether the current time is work or break. Also, when the break time (I assume it was break time) got down to 1 second, it just stops and displays a one (1 - see below). The clock should continue the cycle by counting down the work time again.


  1. As you increment or decrement the work time, the amount of time on the button does not reflect this change until you actually start the timer.

  2. Could also use a button to reset back to default settings.

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