Pomodoro Timer + Todo List

Hey guys, i’m would appreciate some feedback on a project i’ve built. I’m very proud of this project because i really learned a lot while building, so i thought, why not share and get some feedback? I kind mixed the idea of a pomodoro timer and a todo list because i used to use trello to put the things i want to get done and used a pomodoro app to keep track of time i spend in the task. The backend i did with python (flask) and the front end with react ( i have a version with vanilla js as well) here is the url: https://danilomarques1.github.io/study

And here is the version with only js and flask

Github repo


This is a nice start at integrating a kanban board and a pomodoro timer!

It’d be cool to implement the columns and dynamic, drag-and-drop style card movement available on Trello.

If that’s initially too hard to implement, you could offer the ability to move the cards into other columns by including a little select drop down input on the card to say which column it should be in and then update the state accordingly.

Good work so far!