Pomodoro Timer working but failing tests

Hey everyone. Working on the front-end tomato timer. The timer does function the way it’s supposed to and tests #1-10 pass, but despite this, I’m failing all the “timer” tests. The error I’m experiencing is:

1. When I click the element with the id of “reset”, any running timer should be stopped, the value within id=“break-length” should return to 5, the value within id=“session-length” should return to 25, and the element with id=“time-left” should reset to it’s default state.
Script error. (:0)
Error: Script error. (:0)
at a.onerror (https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/v1/bundle.js:593:1107)
Cannot read property ‘nodeName’ of null
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘nodeName’ of null*

sharing a link to my CodePen. I’ve been stuck on this for a minute…more like a day or 2 and some guidance would be great! Thank you everyone.

Your app disappears after running tests and it seems there is an infinite loop without an exit logic . Starting point is to make the handleDecrementSession and handleDecrementBreak handlers shouldn’t make session length and break length go below 1 minute. You are making it go to 0. Replace handleDecrementBreak with:

 handleDecrementBreak = () => {
    if (this.state.breakTime <= 60) return;
    this.setState({ breakTime: this.state.breakTime - 60 });

and handleDecrementSession to

handleDecrementSession = () => {
    if (this.state.sessionTime <= 60) return;
    this.setState({ sessionTime: this.state.sessionTime - 60 });

Thanks! I guess there’s some behind-the-scenes mayhem going on. Will take a crack at it.

alright, I’m up to 23/29 tests passed. The paragon example that FCC provides to model after is only passing 22/29 of tests lmao. I guess I pass??

Disregard, all good here. 29/29. Thanks @nibble