Popup doesn't show

Hi everyone :grinning:

I have a problem with a pure css popup that doesn’t work properly.
I pasted the code on codepen: https://codepen.io/francesca829/pen/PgZZwO

When I click the button the background becomes dark but I don’t see any modal at all.
I didn’t spot any mistake in the code (I just followed the instructions), so why and how to fix it?

Thank you very much for any help! :grinning:

Did you add any logic to open the popup?
How are you changing the class of the popup after clicking the link?

Hi! As far as I understood, it’s not about changing the class of the popup. It’s about keeping the popup hidden until it becomes a target when I click on the button “Sign up now”:

< a href="#popup" class=“btn btn-ghost”>Sign up now

Update: the popup worked actually. It was safari that had problems showing it!