Portfolio and project feedback for job hunting

Hello fellow freeCodeCampers! I’d greatly appreciate it if you could check out my portfolio site and the associated projects and give me any criticisms/feedback. I’m at the job hunting stage and would like to give prospective employers the best possible impression.



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First thing I noticed was how long it took for all of your project images to load. Then I looked how large they were and was not surprised. You need to use a photo editor and get those down closer to around 50KB a piece. Some of the images were over 2.7 MB a piece.

Second suggestion don’t host anything on heroku, because the apps have to “wake up” if no one has visited in the past 30 minutes. Some of the apps took over 10 seconds to load.

You need to test your apps with a fine tooth comb before putting them up for all to see. I would only put the ones that are completely dummy proof. Your calculator app does not show correct numbers when they get over the size of the display screen. Also, the calculator would not calculate 000.5 * 2. It really should not allow anyone to enter beyond one zero left of the decimal place (i.e. 0.5 * 2). For the voting app, I could not tell if my vote was cast. I could keep changing which radio button I selected and clicked the Vote button each time, but there was no message saying I could not do that or I needed to login to vote. There may be many more problems, but I think this will get you started in thinking about not only the best looking apps from a design stand point (you do a great job on that part), but also the user experience needs to be considered. Finally, the apps must work.

Appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking the time to look at this rmdawson71.

did you get hired because of that projects?