Portfolio Design feedback

Hey everyone, how is going?

Hope you guys can help me again with another feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished the design for my portfolio, its almost finished(Media queries are being developed). I learned a lot with this project, but I guess I can learn more, so I’m gonna keep coding! It would be good if you guys give me some advice, report bugs, etc.

As always, thank you and: Keep Coding!


It looks nice. Good work.:+1:

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love ur menu looks :heart:

  • when you open about first it hides two other tabs and you have to click tab name again to close it
  • when you resize browser the whole thing looks weird
  • home gets cursor pointer but you cant hide the tab

Thanks a lot, guys :slight_smile:

Annestezia, I’ve solved the resize problem and the pointer (Now it’s almost working on mobile).

I’m trying now to fix the design problem about the tabs, I will be back to another feedback.

For now: https://codepen.io/pedrobslisboa/full/wjwJjL/

Looks great. I really like the style. The navigation is a little confusing. It took me a while to figure out how to navigate back to home to get to another nav tab.