Portfolio--error with a navbar---Can someone help? please me please

The task was to do this:

" The navbar should contain at least one link that I can click on to navigate to different sections of the page".

My website can do it, but still there is and"failed".

Did I do something wrong or is there a no problem on my side?

Thanks a lot for responding

Wish a great day

Could just be me, but the pen is empty. There is a basic HTML setup, but that’s it.

Oh my fault, i put the wrong link. Try it again. It should work.

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My guess you’re getting the error because the nav element with the navbar ID has multiple children, and the links are under an ul element. Not exactly sure why the test is failing.

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@Axio , I know this isn’t what you asked for but;

  1. Your email isn’t verified thereby preventing the full page view.

  2. Since codepen already provides the boilerplate, you may not need to define the !DOCTYPE.

  3. Also, everything under your <head> element should go under Stuff for <head> (found under HTML settings)

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Thank for all 3 advices.

Thanks for suggestion. I figured it out. I put in my code, custom scrollbar…and thats why it did not past. After i put it out i past.
nevertheless thanks for an opinion

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