Portfolio feed back and some help

so I’ve been working in my project for a few days now on computer every thing is fine but when i try it on mobile phone or tablet every thing is a mess it works well on a 1080p screen
any advice you got I’d appreciate it
the portfolio

You have a github account we can post code feedback to for this?

Also, the reason it’s nit looking right on mobile is that you’re not changing anything based on the size of the browser eg. media queries or width of images.

You mah also want to look at setting up some css reset or normalize (google and you will find) and also consider compressing your images using a free online tool or some.

Shoot me a github repo link and I’d love to comment to help.

thanks for the notes i will look up as much as i can trying to solve the problems and for now here is my githup account

Thanks. Follow me here and feel free to ask for a code review on project. I’ll try my best to look and comment.