Portfolio -- help, please

Hey there, folks! I am working on my portfolio and I have a couple things I am struggling with in regard to making the page responsive.
First, when I collapse my page down to get the hamburger button, it doesn’t drop down any options when clicked.
Also when I collapse the page, my #about div subsections (also divs) don’t want to stack nicely and just wants to mash into each other. I wonder if I’ve over-done it with div boxes, and should go to floating or flexboxes?

I’ll pretty it up later, right now I just want it acting right :slight_smile:

See the Pen Portfolio Website by K MacLeod (@ksmacleod) on CodePen.

Looks like you are missing the Bootstrap JS

Chartman – thank you! It was missing! But when I added it to the pen, it’s still not doing what I want it to do :confused:

Is it because you want the navbar fixed? Try adding navbar-fixed-top to That will make the hamburger and menu stay at top of screen. Not sure what you mean about the divs