Portfolio Page: Me


If any of you have the time I would be very honored to receive feedback on my portfolio project. I must admit I did not go too deep. For one, I’m a little unfocused. Secondly, I’ve been mildly unmotivated due to…life.

I understand the concept of utilizing learned programming skills to build one’s own website to display our abilities. However, I do not feel as though I have learned enough to fully “display” as of yet.

So I passed the final exam for the portfolio but I did not go further. I’m disappointed in myself, yet I know I can always go back to refine and build upon it.

There’s just so much that FCC’s curriculum has in store that I don’t feel pressure right to fill the project-tiles.

Uhm, so yeah…that’s about it for this one until I get your feedback fam.

first of congrats on finishing this project, and second you need to add an accessible link to your project, such as ‘codepen’ or others

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