Portfolio Page_Problem with Background Images

Hey everyone!

I’m working on the portfolio page assignment and am pretty new to coding. I am still in the very beginning stages of the page.

The problem I’m having is with the background images. I’m trying to have different background images for each section of the page, but I can’t seem to get it working. The images don’t stack down, they just stack on top of each other in the same place.

Thank you so much for your help.

Here’s a good reference, CSS3 Backgrounds, by W3 Schools for what you’re trying to do.

Good luck!

For something like this, which is what I assume you want to accomplish, you’re going to have to assign different sections to the parts of the page for which you want different backgrounds. (If you want a navbar, it will link to these sections.) This is usually done with id selectors, since the elements are unique. You’ll then style each section with CSS (backgrounds and whatnot).

Thank you so much! Yes. That is exactly what I’m going for. I appreciate your help.