Portfolio Project - A little help and feedback appreciated

Hello guys, I just finished personal portfolio webpage project but still have some problems. Navigation bar isn’t updating when I go to another section as active and have a trouble about page width. I think it is because of a very easy error but I can’t see it. Can anyone take a look at it?


You probably need to import bootstrap.js(after jquery) and use scrollspy.

Could you explain your page width issue in further detail?

There is a scrollable empty blank at right side.

Still not too sure what you mean here. Are you referring to this space?

This space is created by the .container class, or rather the .container wraps your content so it doesn’t stretch too wide. If your content stretched too wide, it would be difficult to read/unpleasant to the eyes.

I have a different width. This is default:

And this is after I scroll to side:

By the way I tried to import bootstrap.js and it worked for scrolls. Still trying to configure active sections background tho. Thanks for helping.

I see what you mean now. Try making sure that all of your content is properly nested in .container-fluid (usually the nav & footer content is placed in .container-fluid) or .container divs.

Any no problem. Keep up the great work!

Look up for some “Smooth scrolling” at google. XD