Portfolio Project - issue with mobile viewing/scrolling

Hello all!

I’m currently working on my portfolio project. It looks fine on desktop so far but I’ve run into a problem when trying to view it on my phone. It only lets me scroll within my first background image in the second div. Here is my CodePen

Then, if I click on one of my nav bar links, it takes me to that part of my page, but then can only scroll within that div. Eg, I click on my “About” link, takes me to the About portion of my page, but I can’t scroll back up to the top or any further down the page.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I’ve also realized, too, that when I shrink the screen size, everything starts to overlap into each other.

I am not seeing the same problems you are experiencing when viewed from my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Everything looks good. Are you viewing the Full version of your Codepen?

Thanks for the response!

Yeah, I was viewing in full view as well. Could it maybe be a browser compatibility issue? Seems like it works fine on everything but Safari.