Portfolio project issues

hi guys please im creating my portfolio and l have some issues which l would like to get help with.

  1. l was not been able to get the html and css to cover the entire page (see some space at the right and left sides)

  2. the banner image does not show up (talking about the middle of the page)

  3. Section: “Subscribe to newsletter” is stuck to the button and the whole blue bar became
    a link. (the blue bar should not be a link)

  4. the paragraphs right below the blue bar (which is a different section) are also affected by the above issue.

  5. l could not use the bootstrap: col-md-6 to get 2 separate sections.

  6. if you check the website’s right side it goes beyond the blue bar


Thank you.

Your bg image does not link to a .png , jpg, .jpeg and thats why its not showing.
Why you include a whole lot of divs into an anchor tag.Thats why its a link.

Spaces are because you use a container who got a padding on left and right.

The structure of your divs are not good.

You should do this project again.


hi, ok l see and l think you are absolutely wright. l will just as you suggested. and then l will get back to you with the changes. might also need your help for the rest of my training. thank you a lot

Hey, no problem.If its html and css you should research more on the internet or at freecodecamp section .Look at tutorials on youtube and look how they structure their code ,etc.

ah ok thanks. by the way l have other questions;

  1. how can l use a picture from my computer to freecodecamp command line. l have some photos that l want to use for this project and other projects to come.

  2. l made a wordpress website with avada theme. what to do you think about it? any suggestion?
    link: http://www.bas-entretienmenage.com/

To answer question #1, you could create a GitHub Repo and upload your images there to link within your CodePen or you could also use some other kind of image host (be warned that it has been said some image hosts are not compatible with CodePen).

More information on uploading to GitHub: https://help.github.com/articles/adding-a-file-to-a-repository/


ok l see. l will ckeck it. thanks a lot