Portfolio Project - Menu won't combine

Been at this for at least 14 total accumulative hours and I still cannot “wrap” my brain around it. (sorry).

My goal is to make my title name stick in the same line as my menu buttons so the menu buttons wont poke outside the orange background div. I’ve been mainly meddling with “display: inline & inline-block” but I’ve tried nearly everything with that and still cannot come up with a solution.

pls halp noob ;o https://codepen.io/drewH/pen/QaJzoK

just fixed it. Apparently the “center” tag somehow, and I still don’t quite understand it, affected the vertical location of my #navButtons. I removed that, adjusted the size through em’s in my css and made sure all my other elements had “position: inline” to fit other elements in the same line. I also made my #navBarExtrude to “position: absolute” to make sure the #navButtons would, instead of stretching out of the div, would hide under the bar.

Basically, I haven’t exactly done what I wanted, but it’ll have to do. If anyone can explain why my menu will not contain everything in a neatly manner, please do.

unfortunately, I cannot get the code I had before for reference - but it was essentially the same it was except for the changes I mentioned above.