portfolio-Review πŸ™‚

Please take a moment to look over my portfolio. Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Congrats. Very nice!

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I need to do additional click to find a way to go to your resume.

Maybe place link to your resume(and links to couple of your most cool projects) on the home page.

Also, when I go to resume, it’s opening at the same tab. What if I wanna switch between resume and portfolio?

make link to a resume to open in the new tab

You wrote cool stuff in β€˜About me’, but I am not sure if HR guys are actually reading this.
And some of them can be very judgmental about personality-related stuff.

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Thank you so much for the awesome reviews, Your suggestions will help me improve the portfolio :blush:

My 2 cents: Not a fan of using tutorial projects on a personal portfolio.

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Yes, I agree. Thanks a lot.


I haven’t even finished looking at all of your projects so far and am very impressed with the overall feel and look of your designs. Especially the e-commerce and realty project. I can tell there are lots of little things I would tweak here and there such as

  • footer on the home page of the portfolio (I’d just add some more padding to it
  • And I 'd honestly tone down all the bouncy animation stuff. A little is a nice touch but you don’t wanna over do it imo.

But like hey I’m not a professional or anything just another up and coming developer out there =P

Good luck

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