Portfolio Site jumps to top on mobile browser - issue in Navbar

I’ve got an issue where my navbar code is making the site jump back to the top after I scroll down… I’ve been working on this for 5 hours and can’t find any solutions. Please help!


I’m using bootstrap 4.

I’ve tried wrapping the whole thing in a div, adding “-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;” in the css to the nav element and navbar-nav class, among other things.


Your Codepen link is broken. Did you figure this out? If you still need help, repost a working link.

Thanks for looking into this. Yes, I figured it out… went to Bootstrap 4’s example of headers, and compared line by line with my code. the working link is now https://codepen.io/willwaymel/pen/VbdbOg. Thanks! There wasn’t any typo, but some different things I was doing. I commented it out in the code in case anyone wants to see for the future what not to do ;).

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