Portfolio site review..!

hi everyone, so i’ve been learning web development for past 6-7 months now, and have done two-three freelance projects for friends and family, i’ve decided to try my luck as a freelancer and hence made my portfolio website, it would be very helpful if you can have a look at it and provide me with any suggestions and changes . here is my website link, thanks. akshaymishra.tech


Hey @akshaiim, the website looks good! Nice and professional and the websites on your portfolio look really great :slight_smile:
All I will is for some screen sizes the blue font and blue parts of the background merge and it’s difficult to read it clearly. The animation which says “I am…” seems quite popular I’ve at least seen it on quite a few other websites, maybe try coming up with something original? It’s one of the first details visible on your portfolio and so you don’t want people thinking “oh this trick again”.

-Luke :smiley:

okay, Thanks for your suggestions luke, appreciated :slight_smile:

well done. keep it up :slight_smile:

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Very good like the blue and the lettering

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