Hello friends.
I am currently working on my portfolio project and I have include an image from my local disc E into my webpage, but the image is not showing on my webpage. Why? and how can I solve this?
Thank you
Here is the screenshot to my code-
Screenshot (34)

put it in the same folder as your other html files. codepen doesnt know anything about your local drives. all it knows are the folders it uses. so your images either need to be in the same folder structure as the rest of the files, or published on the internet somewhere that it can access from a url link.

hope this helps.

Could you please tell me how can I put the image in my Codepen.io file.?

Adding image is pro feature in Codepen, so you need to upload the image to somewhere first, e.g. GitHub. Alternatively, you can use your other social media pictures that are already online, e.g. fb, if that fits your need here.

For my personal advice, I think you can save on google drive or gmail and make it into a link, I personally did it using this way and if not ,you can try to saved in some apps and make a html link.

Upload your picture anywhere in online, copy the image link and put it in your code.

akash1 Every Website source codes and files are all in a folder, simply copy and paste the picture on the folder containing your Project Source files.

Hello i had the same problem, here is what you can do:

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I stored my profile in my One Drive and link to it from there, no problems for me that way.

thanks a lot friends for your valuable suggestions.