Portrait images being zoomed in when uploaded?

Hello im pretty new to web development and i decided to take on a project of making a photography site for my friend. My problem is with uploading the pictures.

“Landscape2” uploads fine, but any picture that is in a vertical or portrait position like “landscape10” will look too zoomed in when uploaded to the website. I tried googling to see if anyone had this problem and found no answer. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Have you set a height for the image? Could you include a codepen?

I don’t have a codepen. I used a template because i wasn’t able to produce the quality that my friend wanted, but i think i know where the problem lies.

a class=“thumbnail center” href=“images/fulls/portrait1.jpg” data-position=“left center”>img src=“images/thumbs/portrait1.jpg” alt="" />

The pic in the thumbnail is fine. The one that needs to fit the screen is the one in the ‘a’ elements ‘href’. I’m not sure whats going on in the template with the data positioning, but i think thats where the problem is.