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Please help me understand the properties like what is the difference between margin-top,margin-left,margin-right,margin-bottom and top,left,right,bottom respectively , I am wondering that these attributes are functioning like same , secondly help me understanding position attribute and lastly guide me about accessibility stuff like while learning I often observe that some elements or text is created and afterwards it is kept hidden because of accessibility purpose like it says that for screen reader we will hide this element , tag , text or whatever .
So please explain … !

For this you can start with comparing, let’s say, two articles below.
In general, margin can be discussed in the context of CSS box model.
If we are talking about top, right, left… we need to mention position property.

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You’ve ask for a lot of explanation here. And a whole book could be written about accessibility. A lot of these things can be easily explained using google. It might be better if you ask one specific question per post.


oh sory … ok I talk about an example like I was attempting web dev tutorial here and what we we did that , created a table header and define its row using tr tag and then th tag to name the column , then afterwards using css we used clip property to hide these columns and the justification for this was "we are doing this to hide this content for visual page , but screen readers can still announce it " . Please explain this process like why are we creating that part of content which we hide afterwards , and what is ‘screen reader’ , is it meant for us like you , me etc or some other meaning it possess?

A screen reader is a program that reads the web page to you. It is mostly used by people who have very bad eyesight or are blind. Since they are listening to the web page, sometimes you need to add extra information to help them understand the page, but you don’t need to show this information to someone who can see the page. So you can “visually hide” this information, which will allow screen readers to “see” it and read it but won’t actually be shown on the page.

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