Possible Bug in "Build a Student Database: Part 1"

I was working on this…

Blockquote One more thing to add for this file. Below the insert into majors_courses courses comment, create a INSERT_MAJORS_COURSES_RESULT variable. Use it and the MAJOR_ID and COURSE_ID variables you created to insert a row into the majors_courses table. Make sure the query has the major_id column first. Also, you won’t need any quotes around the values for the ID’s.

…and could not get past it. I had it correct, but could not move forward in the lesson.
I was becoming very frustrated trying different things. I found the next step at this page on github and decided to just move forward via that page.

As soon as I put in that next query (viewable in the hints at 920.1 at that link), the lesson moved on to the next step, which as stated I had actually just completed. Now it seems I’m stuck there.

Will see if I put in the next step again whether it moves forward.

Anyhow, somebody might want to look into this before it causes somebody an aneurysm.

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Oh my gosh. I’m stuck in the 2 questions after yours " Run the script. Your tables should get truncated and then it should go through the loop and add all the data from the courses_test.csv into the three tables of the database." Can’t figure out what’s going on.