Possible bug in in-browser IDE?

I encountered confusing behavior in the in-browser IDE at the intro page on the switch statement in the basic Javascript tutorial.

Specifically, when you type case: and hit return for a new line, the editor does not indent the next line. But in the sample code in the tutorial, the next line under case: is indented. It seems like the editor behavior should match the example, and the line after case: should be indented. Am I wrong?

And if I am not wrong, is there a better way for me to report this? Should I open an issue on Github for this section of the tutorial?

freeCodeCamp uses the Monaco editor, which doesn’t seem to auto-indent in that situation. This is a style choice rather than a syntax requirement. You can just indent with the Tab key.

Thank you! That’s helpful information. Seems to me that the editor should auto-indent, but I guess that’s a choice the Monaco developers made, so maybe I’ll go pick a fight over there. :grinning: