Possible bug with "Chain Middleware and Express" to Create a Time Server" in Basic Node

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Hi! Thanks in advance for your attention. I’m working through the eighth challenge in the Node and Express module (dealing with chaining middleware to return the current time in JSON), and I’m pretty certain that I’m doing it right, but obviously since I’m here that might not be the case!

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Here is the Glitch page (I guess it may have changed if you’re seeing this later because maybe I’ve fixed it), and I’ll also just share the relevant code:

app.get("/now", (req, res, next) => {
 req.time = new Date().toString()
}, (req, res) => {
 res.send({time: req.time})

What’s especially frustrating about this is that if I go to the “/now” address in my browser, I’m seeing a time! However, on the challenge page it fails to pass this test: “The /now endpoint should return a time that is +/- 20 secs from now”. Any help would be appreciated!

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Challenge: Chain Middleware To Create a Time Server

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