Possible Pomodoro Clock Test Suite Bug..... My Pomodoro Clock is working fine But Not passing 1 test: Getting TypeError: cannot read property '1' of null. I did a console.log after the error point, but the variable is logging without a problem

I’m passing all the test for the Pomodoro Clock’s (25 +5) test suite even though my clock is working well.

I clicked “debugger mode” in my Codepen, and then I opened the console and it doesn’t show any errors even when I’m running it or doing different things with it.

I found out the error is happening at the setSessionTimer part of the code below, specifically, the sessionLength variable/value of the minutes key/property:

      if (sessionTimer.minutes == 0 && sessionTimer.seconds == 0) {
                // beep.play();
                setSessionTimer(prev => ({minutes: sessionLength, seconds: "00"}));
                console.log("Session Timer Error Point", sessionTimer.minutes, sessionTimer.seconds, sessionLength, SessionLength, {minutes: sessionLength, seconds: "00"});
                setTimerLabel("Break Timer");

I placed a console.log after the point of where the error is happening to test the variable, but the variable is longing, so maybe it’s a bug in the test suite or something else I have no clue of.

Here’s the console.log:
console.log(“Session Timer Error Point”, sessionTimer.minutes, sessionTimer.seconds, sessionLength, SessionLength, {minutes: sessionLength, seconds: “00”});

Here’s the error:
“TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of null”

Here’s my codepen if you would like to check it out:

Please help. I would like to submit my work to FCC and move on to the next curriculum challenge or learning material.

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