Possible to have Auto Email/Phone?

I’m working on a personal back end project with node and express.

I was wondering if there is any way to set up a system that sends a text or email when I start the node server, or make a certain GET request.

You can use the nodemailer npm package to send emails.



Do you know how I can create HTML emails and implement them with style?

Never used it, but you could try Foundation for Emails.

As an email developer i have to warn you that email can be a fickle beast.
If you just want to do something simple, Litmus and Email on Acid offer a good selection of free templates.

Also might be worth checking out a framework type constructor like the one mentioned above or https://mjml.io/.
https://topol.io also offers this functionality but you can use it in your browser


I went with using nodemailer, and got a view engine, nodemailer-handlebars, set up with it. The handlebars finds a template I’ve set up in another folder, but my only issue now is that none of the style that I add in <style> is being added to the final email being sent. Do you know why this might be?