Post deployment test - opening another routes in a new tab gets error ( question video included)

Question video link for more detail: DEPLOYED VERSION ERROR QUESTION - YouTube
GitHub source code: GitHub - ryanbest99/user-auth-forquestion

Hey guys, thx for stopping by my question! I just deployed my web application on Heroku

(The deployed version of the website is: )

HOWEVER, when you try opening another route in a new tab, it doesn’t work!!! ( you can try in the deployed web app link) I have no idea why such an error happens.

Meanwhile, there’s no such problems/ issues on the development mode on localhost

Can you guys teach me what the problem is and how I can fix it? Thx in advance!

Hi @ryan.developer99 !

It sounds like you are running into this issue.

I would suggest reading through the top accepted answer on stackoverflow for suggestions on how to fix it.

Based on that stackoverflow answer it looks like maybe use hashrouter might be the easiest option.
But it doesn’t seem to have good SEO according to the answer.

But maybe you can explore each option and see which one works for you.

Hope that helps!

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@jwilkins.oboe Hello Jessica~! After numerous times of failures, I finally did it~~!! YAY~

You were absolutely 10000000000% correct!! What I did was using hash router instead of Router. Now it works perfectly without any issues~!!!

Thank you so much for your help Jessica~!!! I’m so happy :laughing:

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