PostgreSQL and Django and Hosting

I have a small webpage(a mapping page) that I want to deploy as an addition to an existing #python Django project, I had the mapping page working locally with the database on pgAdmin PostgreSQL. I exported the data from pgAdmin to my machine. Then I moved the small app to the deployed web page. I have purchased PostgreSQL db space on the hosting site Render(where the site itself is hosted). But cannot figure out how to get the information onto the render DB so that my app can pull from that database. Render sent me these commands
pg_dump --format=custom --no-acl --no-owner mydb > mydb.dump

pg_restore --verbose --clean --no-acl --no-owner -h -U USER -d DATABASE_NAME latest.dump
But that has not worked so far. I have tried those commands in a couple of different shells. also will need hosted db need to bd formatted in some way before I can add the data ---- I do not specifically have a desire to have the DB hosted at render I am open to other hosts if that is a possibility