Potential Answer Issue: "Basic Data Structures: Copy Array Items Using slice()"

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Output is correct, and the function is using the splice command, but the answer isn’t registering as correct.

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function forecast(arr) {
// Only change code below this line
return arr.splice(2,2);
// Only change code above this line
console.log(forecast(['cold', 'rainy', 'warm', 'sunny', 'cool', 'thunderstorms']));

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Challenge: Copy Array Items Using slice()

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Hello. The challenge requires the use of the function slice, which is different than splice (the one you are using). I’m sure there are many ways to pass some challenges but a lot of them ask you to use some specific function or method (or more maybe more than one), for them to be passed.

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Thank you!

When words start to look the same, I might need a break :wink:

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