Pretty sure..... I got it, but

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did I do something wrong? I’m kinda? sure that I’ve passed the test? but it won’t let me move on.

map , filter , “orreduce should be used.
the instruction uses the word or, instead of and. I’m pretty sure that it means that I can freely use any of them instead of need to use all 3

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const squareList = (arr) => {
// Only change code below this line
return arr
.filter(num=>num>0 && Number.isInteger(num))
// Only change code above this line

const squaredIntegers = squareList([-3, 4.8, 5, 3, -3.2]);

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Challenge: Use Higher-Order Functions map, filter, or reduce to Solve a Complex Problem

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remove the spaces between arr and .filter and also .map
Leave them on one line, instead of multiple lines

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