Prevent Object Mutation - My Code is Correct right?

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I edited this with confidence that I would pass the tests the first time. With this code I receive the error TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘PI’ of object ‘#<Object>’ in the console. I’ve even gone as far as looking at the Hint Spoiler, copied and pasted that solution and I still get the same error output in the console. What am I missing???

I am passing all the tests with the exception saying that PI should equal 3.14. If I change Object.freeze(MATH_CONSTANTS); to read as Object.freeze(); the error in the console disappears and the new output in the console is PI equals 3.14 but still doesn’t pass the last test. This would be incorrect code right?

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function freezeObj() {
  "use strict";
  const MATH_CONSTANTS = {
    PI: 3.14
  // change code below this line

  // change code above this line
  try {
  } catch( ex ) {
const PI = freezeObj();

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Must have been a server bug because now my code is passing all the tests.