Preview is Blank

I’m currently experincing a issue where the Preview is showing nothing of my code.

When I first open the project it would show what I’ve coded BUT when I select either instructions, index.html or styles.css to toggle those views, it would give me a blank white Preview.

I’ve noticed another thing when I go to either my styles.css or index.html, I’d press “Enter” on my keyboard, and then my Preview would show everything I coded. The same goes for typing something, it would display something on the Preview. This issue also happens when I expand the Preview window. I’ve observed that if I kept the Preview window separate (even better if I had a separate monitor to put my preview screen on BUT I don’t have a 2nd) from the index.html and styles.css it would work fine and I could toggle the index.html and stlyes.css without the preview displaying blank.

I’ve tried installing firefox and testing it out there but it did not work, I tried going on another laptop but it still gave the same issue. I tried on google chrome, brave, and firefox so far, and the same issue. I tried testing my code by erasing everything and making 3 simple rectangles stacked on top of each other but I still get the same issue with the blank Preview so the problem isn’t something with my original code. I am assuming that it’s the website or the project. I was hoping there was a reset button. I saw a reset in the settings but that is for all the progress I did which is not what I’m looking to reset.

Please send help! Thanks

This is a known bug. Whenever the preview goes blank, just type anything (such as a space) into one of the editors and the preview should refresh.

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