Print odd numbers

Write a function to print odd numbers from 0 to given limit using JavaScript

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I tried doing this but it’s giving me syntax error.

function odd(n)
  for(i = 0, i <= N, i++){ 
    if(i % 2 != 0){

@vinaykanth-edu, your logic is correct but you have a few syntax errors. Run your code through this;

Note that, like all programming languages, JS is case-sensitive. “N” is not the same as “n”, it’s a completely different character.

And as @Roma says, you have another syntax error: look at an example of how you write a function, you are missing the brackets.

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Except Fortran. Because Fortran is terrible.


And don’t forget Pascal.

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Fortran is full of sadness. Powerful numerical capabilities trapped with trash syntax conventions.

Thank you, I was using comma instead of semicolon in the for loop.

Hahaha, no way. I knew there’d be few when I typed the words, I was just too lazy to check


:grimacing: The book description is summat else. I mean it is probably super useful if you are in a position where you gotta use Fortran but…

Edit: haha I hadn’t really.clocked the quote until I posted that. Surely that means he would have spent more time writing his calculations if he’d had the book?? (I assume it’s second language, but the editors could have corrected him, jeez)

You forgot about BASIC (for most dialects I believe). My first programming language on my Amstrad 464. So much fun when you can’t save the program you spend half a day typing out from a book (well I never figure out how to save it anyway).