Probability Calculator's Experiment function

I have this code written along with the ‘Experiment’ function but I am not getting the correct Probability value. The experiment function is just returning 0.0 probability!

Here is my code:

import random
import copy
from collections import Counter

class Hat(object):
    def __init__(self, **colorballs): # {'red': 2, 'blue': 1}
        self.contents = []
        for k, v in colorballs.items():
            for i in range(v):

    def draw(self, nos):
        if nos > len(self.contents):
            return self.contents

            all_balls = copy.deepcopy(self.contents)
            pulled_out_balls = []
            for i in range(0, nos):
                pos = random.randint(0, len(all_balls)-1)

            return pulled_out_balls

def experiment(hat, expected_balls, num_balls_drawn, num_experiments):
    group_counter = []
    for exp in range(num_experiments):

    M = group_counter.count(expected_balls)
    # print(M)
    # print(num_experiments)
    probability = M/num_experiments

    return probability

Could someone please point out what’s wrong in the ‘experiment’ function and what changes will fix this issue. TIA

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I don’t really know what your experiment is doing.
But the problem is simple: The hat.draw() function is supposed to remove balls from the had (the drawn ones). Now if you want to draw 2 times from the same hat, you need a way to get back to the original content.

Default import in this challenge includes a “copy” module, so maybe that might help.
Alternatively maybe you can find a way to get back to the original content.

Either way: you get 0.0% because you draw your hat empty in two experiments and so the following 998 or so are done with an empty hat, hence you never draw the expected balls.

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