Problem 2: Even Fibonacci Numbers 44 or 188?

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My initial solution created an array which I then called .reduce() on to sum the even valued terms. But that would not pass. I then used the code shown here to pass the challenge. However shouldn’t the first returned value be 44 and not 188; as 144 is the 11th term and shouldn’t be summed, or?

I am a math noob but am really confused by this.

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function fiboEvenSum(n) {
  let a = 1
  let b = 1
  let c 
  let num = 0
  while ( n >= 0) {
    c = a
    a = a + b
    b = c
    if (c % 2 == 0) {
      num += c;

  return num;


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Yes, I am not sure either. The problem seems mis-specified since it already tells you the first 10 numbers in the sequence. So, if we are using those, the result definitely shouldn’t be 188.