Problem 95: Amicable chains: Stuck on this one

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So my code for this problem is inefficient and I can’t get it to execute without crashing. This is as far as I’ve come and I commented out the next logical steps in my mind once I can get what I have so far to work.

What is causing my code to crash and am I on the right path logically?

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function euler95() {
  function propSums(n){
    let output = []
    for (let i = 1; i < n; i++){
        if (n%i===0){
    if (output.length === 0){
      return 0
    }else {
      return output.reduce((a,b)=> a+=b)
  let j;
  let chain = []
  let amicChain = []

  for (let i = 1; propSums(i) <= 1000000; i++){
    chain = []
    j = i 
    while (j !== propSums(i)){
      i = propSums(i)

      if (propSums(i) === 0){
  // sort amicChain by length of sub-arrays from biggest -> smallest
  // return amicChain[0][0]



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