Problem at making Discord Bots

Hi and hope you’re pretty well! Thanks a lot for your great tutorials and courses! you really help everyone to learn good things for free, no one should pay for the knowledge​:heart::sparkles:
unfortunately i got a problem with one of my favorite tutorials that you’ve uploaded on your YouTube, it was about making a Discord bot with Python language in cloud. i liked it but today i realized that the environment that you said(which was .env)isn’t avilable on anymore, i’m okay with using an another environment but i don’t know how to do that, i really need a help, please if you yourself can help me with this issue please let me know🙏🏻 if it’s possible for you, it’d be better to email me: mod redacted

I have removed your email, posting your email to the forum is not a good idea as it can get crawled by bots and you may end up getting spammed.

Check the docs to see how to use environment variables

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