Problem importing Google Fonts CSS style sheets

I’m just starting CSS and the challenge says to import Lobster font from Google:

I’m supposed to paste the link above in my HTML before the opening ‘style’ element but when I copy and try to paste the link with a right click it doesn’t give me the option to paste- anything. It gives me option to CUT or COPY but not paste. I tried entering the link by typing it out but I couldn’t make that work either. Help, can you help me? :frowning_face:

Is the link not already at the top of the page? When I open the lesson, the link tag with the URL is already present. If you need to paste something into the window though, you can press CTRL + V to paste :grinning:

Hope that helps!

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Does pasting it in another file work? I would verify whether the link has been copied into your clipboard by pasting it into a text file. If not, try copying it again.

Next, try using the keyboard shortcut to paste: ctrl + v. It’s unlikely that will work if paste isn’t a functional menu option, but try anyways.

You could try copying the embed code from Google fonts, just press “Select this font” and then “1 Family selected” to view and copy the code. If it’s not identical to the code needed for the challenge, it should be close enough to easily modify.

If your copy and paste aren’t functioning for some reason, restarting your computer and/or disabling your add-ons may fix the problem. Otherwise, enter the information manually.

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Unfortunately the Monaco editor has a context menu that doesn’t include “paste”. You can use the paste keyboard shortcut (ctrl + v) on your keyboard to paste.

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Thanks:) I ended up doing everything manually and it all came out fine- Thank you. Doing it manually can mean becoming faster at keying gradually so I’m fine with it. For now.

When it comes to code, manually typing is a really good way to help build the syntax into your memory. For funky things like paragraph text or a link url, it can be really nice to be able to copy-paste though.

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