Problem on Never Mutate State

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I pushed the item in a copy of array but something got wrong.

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const ADD_TO_DO = 'ADD_TO_DO';

// A list of strings representing tasks to do:
const todos = [
  'Go to the store',
  'Clean the house',
  'Cook dinner',
  'Learn to code',

const immutableReducer = (state = todos, action) => {
  switch(action.type) {
    case ADD_TO_DO:
      // don't mutate state here or the tests will fail
      return [...state].push(action.todo);
      return state;

// an example todo argument would be 'Learn React',
const addToDo = (todo) => {
  return {
    type: ADD_TO_DO,
    todo: "Learn react"

const store = Redux.createStore(immutableReducer);

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Push doesn’t return the array, it returns the new length of the array

I tried also return […state, action.todo] but it doesn’t work

I think the addToDo function should use its argument and not hardcode the to-do

I’m not at a pc right now to check