Problem step 6 new responsive web design?

(New) Responsive Web Design

step 6


Est. 2020

(both p and /p are on the same line as est.2020) gives correct answer


Est. 2020

(opening tag is above and closing tag is below Est.2020) tells you, you've made a mistake, although, according to me, both should be right. Or am I missing something?

Hey Stefaan! I suppose you’re talking about the Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu project, right?

Yeah I’m getting the same message when I try writing the opening and closing tags of <p> in different lines, although that’s totally acceptable in html. Another thing I noticed is that for some reason, fcc seems to always require us to close <link> elements even though in html5, the / character is optional for self-closing tags.

But I guess as long as we understand what the lesson is trying to teach and our code is correct, it’s all good.

Can you link the step and type your code? I can open GitHub issue with more details

New Issue · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp (

I put the issue on github through the form so I think it’ll be ok. Thanks for asking Sboonny.

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It is indeed what I’m talking about. I do put it on the forum because not every one understands perfectly what’s happening. Every one is at a different level.
Thanks for responding. At least now I know it’s not just me. Thanks to [Sboonny] I could open a GitHub issue.

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