Problem to complete a challenge

Hi i’m blocked at the step 44 Of FFC course of html and css.

I’m on this problem since a long time and i don’t really understand what the website wants me to do eve, after so much tries . Also is it normal if sometimes i complete challenges but i got the feeling that i don’t understand what i’m doing even after reading the lesson and apply it ?
You can find the images of my program .

They ask : To complete the styling, add the applicable class names flavor and price to all the remaining p elements.

Welcome to the community @poulecanard7 !

The second class price is to be added to the p element before the text with the price.


<p class="product">text</p> <p class="cost">text</p>

Wishing you good progress.

Thank you so much you’re the best !

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You are very welcome!

Wishing you much more good progress!

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