Problem understanding description " top-right" (isn't it bottom-left?)

I don’t understand the description of :

It says:
" * Lock the #searchbar element to the top-right of its section parent by declaring its position as absolute . Give it top and right offsets of 50 pixels each.*"

Isn’t the searchbar element locked to the bottom-left section after following this instruction?

You need to make the display pane much bigger to see it. If it is too narrow then yes, it will look like it is at the bottom/left. If you widen it a bunch then you will see that it is at the top/right of the section* element. It might also help you see it if you add some height to the section (e.g. height: 90vh) and give it a background color. As it is currently, the section doesn’t actually have any height because its only child is using absolute positioning.

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Thank you very much! By adding height and background color and changing the display pane as instructed I was able to see it.

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