Problem validating with Joi


I’m struggling a little bit with Joi validation - specifically how to validate the password confirmation field.

In the documentation example schema it gives the password confirmation as:

repeat_password: Joi.ref('password'),

Yet that only works if the referenced property, password, passes its validation.

Is there any way to have repeat_password (or in my case confirmPassword) be required() and be equal to password?

I’ve tried the following from stackoverflow, with no luck:

  // confirmPassword: Joi.any().valid(Joi.ref('password')).required()
  // confirmPassword: Joi.string().required().equal(Joi.ref('password'))
  // confirmPassword: Joi.string().required().valid(Joi.ref('password'))
  // confirmPassword: Joi.any().valid(Joi.ref('password')).required().options({ language: { any: { allowOnly: 'must match password' } } })

Codepen example here (type a password to see the validation actually work)

I’m also struggling to get the messages function to work. It just straight up says it isn’t a function when I try to chain it.

It’s probably just me, but is Joi… a bit rubbish? It’s making me really like express-validator right now, and that’s a massive achievement!

Would really appreciate some help if anyone has had difficulties with this before!



In case this helps anyone in the future - the problem is that I was using joi-browser (rather than joi) in codepen (which seems to be the only CDN that I can find). Using their sandbox provides the correct result with the above code, and I imagine with the examples that also follow it.

It also fixed another problem with custom messages that wasn’t working in the codepen demo too.

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