Problem while retrieving data from JSON file

 "OpenPrice": {
    "28-February-2017": 592,
    "27-February-2017": 592,
    "23-February-2017": 590,
    "22-February-2017": 592.6,
    "21-February-2017": 595,
    "20-February-2017": 595,
    "17-February-2017": 585,
    "16-February-2017": 576.95,
    "15-February-2017": 577.05,
    "14-February-2017": 582,
    "13-February-2017": 579.35,
    "10-February-2017": 590,
    "9-February-2017": 610,
    "8-February-2017": 599,
    "7-February-2017": 600.9,
    "6-February-2017": 610,
    "3-February-2017": 586,
    "2-February-2017": 581.5,
    "1-February-2017": 574.8,
    "31-January-2017": 582



when i tried this syntax to access to property value


,it is showing error.

could somebody please help me

It looks like Cipla is not the name of the object, but it is the name of a property of a larger object. You’d need to do something like [the_object_name].Cipla.OpenPrice['21-february-2017]

If you can show me a larger section of the code, I can help point you into a more specific direction.