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how to give background an image to the web page using css or html

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Like this:

  background-image:url("link or path of the image you want to add");

Here’s another example:

body { 
  background: url("") ;

or if it was an image file on your own server

body { 
  background: url(../img/bg.jpg) ;

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To go deeper!

body {

Will give:

If the image you use is small.

It will be better if you use some others CSS background properties:
background-position (more info >)
background-repeat (more info >)
background-position (more info >)
background-attachment (more info >)
and many more!

Here an example of a full size image background, centered and fixed:

Or you can use a little image (textures or subtle patterns) and repeat it, like this:

You can do many things with CSS!
Have a good day!

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