Problem with Basic CSS: Import a Google Font lesson

hello there

So, i was doing this lesson and i appear to have a problem, or maybe i´m misunderstanding something.

i supposedly already did what the program tells me to do so i´m at a lost here, can someone explain please.

This looks like a bug.

Instead of declaring a fallback font type, just type in the Lobster font. h2 { font-family: Lobster }

Hello there!

It is indeed a bug, will try your advice, thanks for it. I´l tell you if it works :smiley:

What’s the link to the challenge? It might not be a bug.

Just found the lesson, it’s not a bug, although what you had written up is valid with cursive being a fallback. But the test is just looking for one specified font-family, Lobster. As the next lesson it goes over how to degrade your font-family.

hello there, sadly none of the sollutions worked out, will try skipping and coming back later too see if it[s fixed, but it seems that it doesn´t matter what i do, it just won´t work

update, it occurred to me to put a semi colon at the end of the font name… Needless to say it did the job and managed to pass the lesson

Try typing this as it is
h2 { font-family: Lobster; }
it worked for me!