Problem with creating connection in PopSQL

Hello everybody!

So, i started a SQL tutorial with Mike, everything was great, till some issue appeared on my way.
I installed MySQL and PopSQL step by step like in the video, but when I want to create MySQL connection there is an error as:
‘Uh oh :frowning: ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat ‘C:\Users\pawlo.popsql.json’’.
I reinstalled everything, checked if i did it right way, my hostname, database and username is ok, there is even an “Test” button to check if there is some errors but when I click it, it shows message that says “Looks good!”.
I was hoping that this is a small problem and somebody else got that issue too, but there is no such topic to search online.

Can someone explain, how it works and what to do?

Help > Troubleshooting > Open Configuration File. Try setting the contents of that file to this and then restarting PopSQL:

  "servers": []
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I can’t believe, I missed it. Thanks a lot!

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